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Favorite 1980's Saturday Morning Character
captain_slinky wrote in saturday_am_80s
OF COURSE when I decide to comit to this community, stuff falls apart all around me and I struggle to fit it in - sorry, folks!

Meanwhile, 1980's Saturday Morning Historical Recreation Society member Bonnie has started a question over on Twitter that I hashtagged as #80sSarurday that you may wish to participate in either here or on Twitter (@Saturday1980s) because it's fun to simply declare your preference, sure, but I kind of need more room to defend my answer than a simple 140 characters.

So simply put, which 1980's Saturday Morning Character do you think was the best?

Post and defend your answers in the comments below or on Twitter!

As a starting point, I suggest that Rubik The Amazing Cube is superlatively the greatest because he has the word "Amazing" right in his name! Only Spider-Man and his friends share that distinction!

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I have given a lot of thought, and decided my favorite Saturday Morning cartoon character (as seen on my Twitter feed) has to be Monchichi because I have a Monchichi stuffed animal in my collection that I've had since the beginning of time. That is my only deciding factor because I'm awful at this and it's haaaaaaard to choose only one because there was so much awesomenes packed into Saturday Mornings in the 80s!


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