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Saturday Morning Historical Reenactment Society

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Favorite 1980's Saturday Morning Character
captain_slinky wrote in saturday_am_80s
OF COURSE when I decide to comit to this community, stuff falls apart all around me and I struggle to fit it in - sorry, folks!

Meanwhile, 1980's Saturday Morning Historical Recreation Society member Bonnie has started a question over on Twitter that I hashtagged as #80sSarurday that you may wish to participate in either here or on Twitter (@Saturday1980s) because it's fun to simply declare your preference, sure, but I kind of need more room to defend my answer than a simple 140 characters.

So simply put, which 1980's Saturday Morning Character do you think was the best?

Post and defend your answers in the comments below or on Twitter!

As a starting point, I suggest that Rubik The Amazing Cube is superlatively the greatest because he has the word "Amazing" right in his name! Only Spider-Man and his friends share that distinction!

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The Amazing Spider-Man was a 70s live-action show. In 1981 both Spider-Man and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends premiered. But from what I can tell, there has not been a cartoon named The Amazing Spider-Man.

Thundercats? Really? Augh!

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