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Saturday Morning Historical Reenactment Society

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captain_slinky wrote in saturday_am_80s

While we wait to hear any type of actual confirmation regarding the death of Hal Sutherland, please enjoy this most excellent tribute to the man and his work -the most awesome Free He-Man Game EVAR!

90% positive that this death rumor is bogus, as only two Star Trek websites, one Animation blog and Wikipedia have reported it and all of them are referencing the extremely vague Filmation Fan Facebook Page post as their "source". Wish I know how to edit Wikipedia properly, get that stuff taken down till there's an actual confirmation...

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This waiting is just....augh!

I was hoping you got a chance to check this game out, almost tweeted it at you. :P

Super impressive for just a demo, I played through the whole thing and it ran pretty great. The character animation is fantastic.

what puzzles me is that the 'links for other things to check out' at the end of the video, has the link to when Man at arms [the blacksmith!] did Link's sword...instead of the one where he did He-man's! Probably just from the name....XD

Man, those graphics. Certainly made me think of all those 80's style fighting games.

The whole game is really well put together considering that it's a fan-made thing - the music changes mood to the action on the screen, sound bites are never jarring or out of place, animations are smooth... now weneed a Dungeons & Dragons one :)

oh, now a Dungeons & Dragons one would be *totally* awesome!!

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