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Hal Sutherland Death Rumor Update
captain_slinky wrote in saturday_am_80s
I drove by Hal Sutherland's house this morning, nothing out of the ordinary there that one would associate with a death in the family (extra cars, etc)... but I was too nervous to just go up and ring the doorbell at 8am asking "Hi, uhm... is Hal dead?"

Maybe I'll muster the courage later today...

So far, the "source" of the rumor seems to be a post on the Filmation Fan Facebook Page, which has no links or sources of it's own. The general rule of thumb for these types of rumors is The Rule Of Three - as soon as you see it in three separate sources that are not sighting each other as sources, you can assume it's real. If you have a blog post that refers to another blog post as the source, it's probably not legit.

Oh I hope it's not legit :(

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I called there earlier, but I didn't get an answer and I didn't know what to say if I were to leave a message.

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