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Post-Watch-Along Post!
Classically Trained - Atari
aurora77 wrote in saturday_am_80s
Thank you so much, all of you who joined and made that a very special Saturday Morning!

We had such a great time and hope you did too!  Feel free to post your reactions and give feedback on the watch-along so we can make it better!

There was trivia and sharing of memories and general silliness had by all.  Some strange commercials and dark PSAs, and cracktastic cartoon episodes (Shaggy and Scooby in pink tutus on skis?)... 

For those of who who missed out on the watch-along experience, we will be keeping the playlist up until next Sunday evening!

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That was awesome! Thanks for your efforts!

I had tons of fun! I can't wait until we have another Saturday Morning cartoon day! :)


These really are the best. Thanks for putting them on! The commercials really make the whole thing for me. : )

Wow! Thank you! During the breaks between Adventure Of The Gummi Bears segments they had a still image of Sunni that I've been wanting for forever! By the time I started recording the episodes in the 1980's they had stopped using her image. I took several screen grabs to try and get the sharpest image possible. ^_^

Was it the one in a bumper (We will return.../Now back to...)? If so, I can go try to pull screenshots from my source if I still have it. They might even be slightly higher quality since they're from before a few levels of processing. I think the bumpers came from a 2-hour section of a summer 1986 Saturday morning recorded on VHS and ripped to digital, then posted. Decent quality, actually.

I'm making myself a note to check when I get home.

Yes, in a bumper, in 1986 taking the form of a virtual rollercoaster ride ending with a still of a cartoon character in what would be the entrance to a tunnel. ^_^ If you could rip a clear still of Sunni from that bumper it would make my day! 8^D There's probably software that exists that could take the five stills I grabbed and average out all the artifacts and blurs... but I doubt I could easily find it.

Last night wasn't so good of a night for me. Tonight I have to work. I will get to it, I promise!

No worries! I'm in no hurry. It's been 25 years and I have the grabs I made on Sunday! If you're able to made a better grab, that will be the cherry on the sundae. ^_^

Here's 10 images of Sunni grabbed from various points throughout two bumpers aired on June 7, 1986. This should be slightly better quality and less compressed than the YouTube video, as it's straight from my source.

Thank you! Those are better -- I can count Sunni's eyelashes now!

I didnt get a chance to stay for the whole thing but I had fun while I was there... the chat was so excellent and I met a couple new people who might become good friends so it was a very productive morning!! Also I loved the Punky Brewster and that Ghostbusters xmas special was amazing!! I even got the 2 yr old to cuddle with me and watch for a bit... now that is what parenting is all about, the simple moments of bliss!! Cant wait for the next reenactment!! :D

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I came late to the party. but let the playlist keep playing so I caught the shows I missed.

Again it was a blast! Hubby and my now 4m old daughter watched some of my old favorites with me (thank you for including Wildfire btw, DH had never seen it before but it was one of my favorites.)

Wildfire has a special place in my heart. :)

YAAAY, I'm so glad I still get a chance to watch! I was super busy this weekend. Stoopid real life getting in the way. ::kicks real life::

Thanks so much for organising this. Was good fun and I'll be sure to catch a wee bit of the playlist before it disappears.

Speaking of wee. Pee Wee is weird! And I wish I hadn't checked the actor's wiki while watching it, that just scared me even more. ;-)

Oh, well... yeah. Should have warned you guys not to look up his info until later. XD

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