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Our first poll: 1980
captain_slinky wrote in saturday_am_80s
Here's a list of all the cartoons that were on the air between the three major networks in 1980 (according to TV Guide), so we'll start the voting here. I plan to put up polls for every year from 1980 to 1989, with each cartoon only represented once. So you won't see "The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show" every year, but eventually you WILL see "The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show" some time later in the years. Does that make sense? Good :) Now go ahead... choose your top 5!

Poll #1763736 BEST CARTOON OF 1980

Choose up to 5 favorites from this list (click to see video)

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(Deleted comment)
Nobody has voted for Scooby so far... but hey, if Scoob and the gang DO make it in to our marathon it'll be a good opportunity for you to go get more cereal and use the restroom :)

It wasn't Scooby that I hated. Just Scrappy. So this particular one gets no votes from me.

If it was just The Scooby Doo show, I'd have voted for it. Scrappy ruined it.

1980 was the year Scrappy showed up. That little twit is 31 years old!

Your're assuming he lived long enough to grow up. There are no known pictures of Scrappy as an adult. Puppy Chow anyone?

As much as I hate Scrappy, I had to vote for Scooby out of those ones.

Also, why am I the first to vote for Casper? Great show!

And a great community, loving this already. :)

Glad you like it so far :) Casper never gets any love, poor

I love Scooby Doo, but Scrappy ruined it for me. I couldn't watch episodes with him in it.

Over on, he has his own trope: The Scrappy.

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